Use of antique mirror

Antique mirrors can be use in both of residential and office purpose. Antique mirror always gives a matte finish look to your interior. It can be a bold decision to decor your interior with antique glass. Elegant, light boosting and ritzy, antique mirror glass adds depth and interest. Check out these ways to work a hit into your home and office. If you’re a fan of using mirrors as decoration, but want more appealing to the standard, then antique mirror glass could be just what you’re looking for.


Applications of antique mirror :


1. Residential purpose:

Room partitions :

room partition antique mirror

Antique mirror as room partition is an unique concept definitely than your neighbors. Because generally printed, painted or etched glass is used for room dividers. But antique mirror is a less used glass in home purpose. So if you want to jellos your relatives and neighbors, you have decor your room with an antique mirror glass partitions.

Backsplash :

antique mirror backsplash

Antique mirror can be used for kitchen backsplash. Antique mirror glass creates a very attractive feature in kitchens and bathrooms. Aesthetically it works well with both traditional and contemporary kitchens for splashbacks, and its ability to hide splash-marks helps on a practical level too.

Countertop & Table tops :

antique mirror table

Antique mirror is also used for countertop. We can supply custom color, custom fabrication (precision holes, edge work etc.), gold and silver leafing and many other options. Antique mirror table tops are also give a classy look to your interior. You can put it any where you want, like; kitchen, dining space etc.

Mirrored furniture :

Antique Mirrored furniture

Add a high class and unique style with GrayGlass antique mirror furniture. Bed side chests, corner tables, mirrored wardrobes etc. are also available in GrayGlass. We have an endless stock of antique mirrored furniture.

2. Office purpose:

Featured wall :

Featured wall of antique mirror

One of the most dramatic way to the use of antique mirror glass is to clad an entire wall with it. This can generate an almost ritzy effect in terms of altering and manipulating the quality of space. In your office you can use an antiqued mirror wall for conference room or as a room partitions.

Cabinet insert :

cabinet inserts of antique mirror

If your cabinets are viewed on a regular basis, then it is positively important that you have to chose the most appealing and satisfying type of glass. Antique mirror surly gives you a classy look. Antique mirror cabinet insert is a popular furniture in office purpose.

Lobby area :

large loby area mirror

A lobby is a room in a building used for entry from the outside. You can decor your office lobby with decorative mirrors. Antiqued mirror can also use in lobby area.

Wet bar :

wet bar

GrayGlass can change your wet bar wall with antique mirror. We can also install decorative mirror cabinet inserts for your wet bars. You can use a decorative glass countertop here. Any decoration can be possible with antique mirror.

GrayGlass has the largest collections of antiqued mirror sheets. We have various color of decorative mirror. From home to office and restaurant antiqued mirror can be used in every where.

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